Spray booth fire protection systems

Spray booths are required to be protected by an approved automatic fire suppression system. In the event that a fire occurs, the fire suppression system will quickly extinguish the fire, and prevent extensive damge to property. Command Fire Solutions can service, repair, and instal a wide variety of dry chemical and C02 fire systems from trusted manufactures.


Fire protection and loss prevention consulting

Command Fire Solutions can consult you on any required fire protection needed for all different situations,from future projects or existing projects,to let you know what is required by Fire depts. insurance companies,or any other entity involved in your project.

We work closely with fire depts, inspectors, engineers, developers, general contractors, manufactures, fire Marshalls, and independent owners on all sizes of projects. We provide quick, efficient, and affordable fire protection solutions to every possible type of project.


Special application fire systems

No matter what you are trying to protect; from catering trucks to server rooms, and everything in between, Command Fire Solutions can handle almost anything! We can provide whatever is needed for fire protection in practically any environment or application.

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