Experience you can trust

When you have us work on your fire protection needs, you can be assured that you will have a qualified, licensed, and insured service technician with a minimum of 15 years in the industry. Our owner has over 35 years in the field. Many companies have used us as a subcontractor to service their customers' fire protection needs, as they don't have the proper personnel for fire protection.

Our clients know the job will be done correctly and efficiently when they rely on us.

Insurance is another subject that the competition doesn't talk much about. Did you know that your insurance policy has a exclusion's clause that says they will not pay a claim if you do not perform due diligence regarding keeping your business compliant with all codes, laws, and recommendations of city and state officials?
Therefore, in the event of an unfortunate incident, insurance will not cover you if everything is not maintained and serviced according to code. Your fire equipment will be the first thing that the insurance company look at when there is a fire. Do you know if your fire protection company has the required insurance needed if they are at fault?

We carry twice the amount of insurance that is required, and you would probably be surprised to know what some of the bigger companies carry. You are often left with a false sence of security when you trust your fire protection to a company that sends out a technician with only a few years of experience.

Go with the experience you can trust. Command Fire Solutions is California's first choice for professional fire protection services.


We keep our business manageable enough so that you get a more personnel customer service experience and you know who your talking to when ever you call you wont usually get a voice mail but a real person that will take care of whatever you need. Customer service has seem to be non-existent these days,but not with us,we know its the key to our type of business,we keep your business properly protected and in the green free of citations,violations,and properly insured so if you do have a fire your kept in the green as we feel that we might need to deal with the higher source in business,insurance companies and lawyers.

We have installed thousands of fire protection systems over the years,and you can rest assured when you have Command fire solutions take care of your needs your getting the best possible service at the best value in the industry.

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